Política de Privacidad


These terms of use from now on will determine the regulation to use and access the Mexcally website: https://mexcally.io and its content which includes software, social media, web or mobile apps known collectively as “service”

The next terms establish all the holders legal rights information, Mexcally and third party’s responsibilities, guarantee and exceptions, how to present a complaint or claim before the competent authorities. At the time of accessing the website or using the service, the holder accepts irrevocably the terms and conditions published in the website. The holder may not use our website or service without first accepting the established terms.

The holder acknowledges that they had read the token offer provided by the website, terms and conditions of the same, and that understands the risks of its contribution and that has requested the relevant advice to their financial consultant to perform it.


To access or use the service, the user must be over 18 years old and create a personal,

non-commercial and untransferable account. Mexcally reserves the right to cancel or suspend the account without prior notice due to any violation of the here established terms.

During the registration process the user will be asked to provide personal contact information such as their name, email address, best contact phone number; and this may be completed as well as other data after the registration process.

By the time the account is completed the user guarantees that:

  • No personal information is false or supersedes someone else’s personal information.
  • The user will not create more than one personal account.
  • Once registration is completed, they will keep their information accurate and updated.
  • They will not share their password, and will not let anyone else to access their account or endanger the accounts safety.

It is the user duty to protect the password that they use to access the service and any other activity or action that they may require to enter their password.

If there is a non-authorized access in the users account or it exists any security violation they must notify Mexcally immediately.

Users Verification

The ID and verification processes also known as “know your client” or KYC are mandatory for every transaction. If the user refuses to provide the required documents and information for KYC, Mexcally keeps the right to immediately revoke the user’s service supply.

The user commits to provide faithful documents that are true and correct as well as the personal information contained in them.

In case the user provides falsified documents and/or false personal information, this behavior will be interpreted as violation of these terms and conditions for which Mexcally will deny their access to the website and the service.

The user hereby authorizes directly Mexcally to make any consult that may be considered necessary to verify the relevance and accuracy of the information provided for verification purposes.

Personal information will be treated in accordance with the Mexcally Privacy Policy, which the holder can consult by clicking on terms and conditions.

Website and services

The user acknowledges and agrees that they are only one responsible for obtaining and maintaining all necessary telecommunications as broadband and hardware, equipment, software and services for them to access and use the website and the service, and pay for all related charges.

Mexcally does not guarantee that the access and use of the website and service will be uninterrupted or error free. The website and service may be expanded, modified or limited by Mexcally at any time to meet the needs of its users or for technical reasons without prior notice. Mexcally may at any time under its sole discretion be able to interrupt the service supply temporarily or permanently, website or the service (completely or partially) without prior notice. Mexcally will not have the obligation to notify the user about any correction or change in the content of the website or the service.

Without investment advice.

https: //mexcally.io/ website does not provide legal, financial, individual or personalized investment advice; therefor nothing on the website and/or service constitutes assessment, advice or an application to buy, hold, invest, or possess.

Mexcally tokens; the holder decides at its own risk the contribution to be made.

Proprietary rights

The user acknowledges that the Service has been prepared, developed, compiled, reviewed, selected, organized and published by Mexcally or by third parties previously authorized by Mexcally, which involve: time investment, effort and money therefore becomes Mexcally’s property.

The website and service with all its content is for its personal and informational use and not commercial. The user must not, under any circumstance, reproduce, print, publish, modify, distribute, display, transmit, license, transfer or exploit the content or technology of the website and/or service in any other way without the explicit written consent of Mexcally.

Accurate information

Mexcally will take the necessary measures to guarantee the reliability of the information provided on https://mexcally.io/ website. Although it will not assume any responsibility for missing or incorrect information, the content of the website is published for informational purposes and the user will use this information at their own risk.

The content published on the website or service may be provided by

Mexcally or authorized third parties. Mexcally will not be liable for errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the content of the website or service.

The information provided on the website is not necessarily exhaustive or appropriate for each individual, the published information is relevant only in certain parts of the world, and may not be relevant or comply with laws, regulations or other legal requirements from other countries.

The user should verify any information before using it for personal, financial, economic, commercial, academic or some other purposes. Opinions expressed in any blog on the website are exclusive to the author(s) of the article and do not reflect Mexcally’s intentions.

Forbidden activities

When using https://mexcally.io website or service, the user will be prohibited to perform any of the following actions:

  • Copy, modify or create derivative works of the Service or any Content.
  • Copy, manipulate or add any Content (including data) with the purpose to make it available to a third party.
  • Market, sell, rent, loan, lease any content or access to the service.
  • Use or introduce into the Service any data extraction, tracking, “theft” robot or similar data collection or extraction method.
  • Access, acquire, monitor or manually copy any part of the service, download or store content unless expressly authorized by Mexcally.
  • Make requests or adopt measures that interfere, interrupt or place undue burden on the service or any server or network connected to the service, or take any action with the purpose of affecting negatively the functionality, quality or availability of any content of the website or service.
  • Introducing a virus, trojan horse, worm, time bomb, or other malware on the service, or use any device, software or routine to circumvent any software or hardware that prohibits the volume of requests for information.
  • Violate or avoid any security measure designed to limit or prevent access to the website or service; or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the service or to any content, computer system or network connected to the service or to any Mexcally server, either through hacking, password extraction, unauthorized use of password /credentials of another person or by any other means.
  • Restrict, inhibit or interfere with the way the service runs by any other user (including hacking or defacing the website).
  • Introduce or distribute through the website any computer program that damage, interfere with, intercept, collect, disclose any system, information or personal information of Mexcally or a third party.
  • Use the website or service and its content to accomplish, manage or intermediate in any illicit or illegal activity.


Mexcally may terminate or suspend access to the website or service immediately without prior notice or responsibility, for any reason, including, but not limited to, any violation of these terms: Any disposition of the Terms that because of their nature should still be effective after termination, will remain in effect, including, but not limited to, the proprietary dispositions, warranty disclaimers, indemnification and liability limitations.

Mexcally may suspend or terminate your account immediately, without prior notice or responsibility, for any reason, including, but not limited to, any violation of these terms:

If you want to cancel your account, you can simply stop using the service.

All dispositions of the Terms that because of their nature should still be effective after the suspension or cancellation of your account will remain in effect, including but not limited to proprietary dispositions, warranty disclaimers, indemnification and liability limitations.

Liability limitation statement

The content of the website and service is strictly published as informative, at no time will it have binding purpose, the investment will be made at the users own risk, who previously had to do the respective analysis of the proposal, market, risks and request advice from your financial consultant.


The https://mexcally.io/ website is not constituted as an investment advisor, financial, commercial or as any other type of advice. The user under its own responsibility or under the supervision of their financial advisor will estimate the convenience of their investment.

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